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Carnegie Library Move “Getting Back to Patchogue’s Roots”

(left to right): Mayor Paul Pontieri; County Executive Steve Bellone; TRITEC COO Rob Loscalzo, and Legislator Rob Calarco

Patchogue, LI—Wednesday, August 8: Legislator Rob Calarco, Mayor Paul Pontieri and Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone were on hand to celebrate the first leg of the actual move of the iconic Patchogue Carnegie Library from its original location on Lake Street to its new home on Sixth District Court property on West Avenue and West Main Street.

The historic building, which has been sitting on steel girders and primed for the special day, effected the move rather quickly to the corner of Havens Avenue and Lake Street. At midnight the building will complete its journey across the Caroll and Henrietta Swezey Medical Pavillion, down West Avenue to the southeast corner of the county court property, a temporary location. The goal is to place the library on the northwest corner of the court property.

The process to pry the building from its foundation, place it on girders and then wheels is a finely tuned operation long perfected by Wolfe House & Building Movers from Bernville, PA. “This has been a long time in coming and a project that takes Patchogue back to its roots. In committing to move this library rather than tear it down, in finding a new use for it we are preserving the cultural history of Patchogue Village,” said Leg. Calarco.

 (left to right): TRITEC COO Rob Loscalzo; Leg. Rob Calarco; TRITEC oversight team member beneath the Carnegie Library just before it makes its first move to the corner of Havens Avenue and Lake Street.

Leg. Rob Calarco at the podium speaking to the crowd that has come to see the historic Carnegie Library moved by Wolfe House & Building Movers of Bernville, Pa. Pictured to left of Leg. Calarco is County Executive Steve Bellone; to the right is Patchogue Mayor Paul Pontieri and village trustees.

See the move on Leg. Calarco's Facebook page