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Calarco Scores Big Win for Small Horse Farms in Suffolk

Small Horse Farm

Equine Operations to be included in Farmland Development Rights Acquisition Program

Hauppauge, LI—Tuesday, March 27: Leg. Rob Calarco’s bill (IR 1059) that will ultimately help small horse farm businesses and operations in Suffolk County to survive and continue doing business in the region passed in a vote of 16-2 at the General Meeting of the Suffolk County Legislature today. Leg. Calarco’s bill mirrors a state bill passed in part due to recommendations recently made by the Suffolk County Equestrian Task Force. Calarco headed up the task force and penned the report. At the county level, Leg. Calarco’s bill expands the county’s farmland development rights acquisition program to include commercial equine operations that are much smaller and that fill a far different niche than that of the classic (large) horse-boarding farm.

IR 1059 expands the current county farmland development rights acquisition program to specifically include properties of at least seven acres grossing a yearly income of at least $10,000 annually from horseback riding, riding lessons and/or horse training.

Unlike the classic horse farm, (small) horse farm operations in the region exist on much less acreage and provide services to the surrounding community via horse riding lessons and boarding and riding therapy to the disabled. Enthusiasts participate in regional shows that typically begin on the smaller horse farms and pursue with great passion a way of life. In doing so, they require and support many other businesses, services and jobs that are intertwined with them. For this reason, they have great economic viability for the region.