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Calarco Pushes for Progress on Traffic Violation Bureau


Hauppauge, LI—Thursday, September 6: Legislator Rob Calarco, Chair of the Government Operations Committee, put the implementation of the Suffolk County Traffic Violations Bureau front and center at the most recent meeting of his Government Operations Committee. At the request of Leg. Calarco, Tom Melito, Director of Performance Management, made a presentation about TVB progress.

“The next steps will involve location of the TVB office; the issuance of an RFP for the software; and a decision as to whether we handle the processing in-house or use an outside firm. I strongly support the idea of doing it in-house as it would enable the county to rehire some of the staff that has been laid off. This would be a win-win for everyone as processing could easily be handled better and more cost-effectively in-house than with an outside firm,” said Leg. Calarco.

Leg. Calarco’s bill to establish a Suffolk County Traffic Violations Bureau passed unanimously at the March 27 General Meeting of the Legislature. Establishment of a local TVB makes the process easier for residents, reduces the need for police overtime, and keeps revenue local to provide for public safety