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Calarco Initiates Agreement to Relocate Famed Carnegie Library in Patchogue


Patchogue, LI—February 6: Legislator Rob Calarco introduced a resolution at the February 7 Meeting of the General Legislature authorizing Suffolk County to enter into an agreement with Patchogue Village to relocate the historically significant Carnegie Library from its current location on Lake Street, at no cost to taxpayers.

The resolution seeks to relocate the Patchogue Village landmark to the 6th District Court property located on West Avenue and West Main Street. Leg. Calarco, who along with Patchogue Village officials has already met with 6th District Court representatives, describes the meeting as productive.

“We are now evaluating the best spot on the court property to place the library while still preserving parking capacity to meet the needs of court users and the library in its future use. The goal is to see the library become an educational and cultural resource for the community, and there are several proposals for its use that would do just that,” said Leg. Calarco.

Trustee Jack Krieger, Deputy Mayor of the Village of Patchogue said, "Preserving the Carnegie Library has been a priority since day one, but it was just a question of where to move it. I have been working closely with Legislator Calarco on a solution and thanks to his efforts, this important piece of Patchogue history will once again serve to benefit the community."

Built on land donated by Edwin F. Bailey and with funds donated by steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, the Patchogue “Carnegie” Library opened in 1908. The building was in use as a library until 1981 and thereafter used by Briarcliffe College. The original building was designed by John Vrendenburgh Van Pelt in the neoclassical style and remains in excellent shape today.