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Calarco Bill Creates County’s First Traffic Bureau


Localizing a Traffic, Parking Violations Agency Weds Convenience with Cost-Effectiveness

Hauppauge, LI—Tuesday, December 18: Legislator Rob Calarco’s bill to create the infrastructure to finally establish a Suffolk County Traffic Violations Bureau (SC TVB) passed today at the General Meeting of the Legislature in a vote of 16-0. The bill was co-sponsored by Legislator Kate Browning.

The SC TVB, which is similar to the Nassau County model, not only will make the process easier for local residents who have received a traffic or parking violation but also reduce the need for police overtime and help generate revenue.

Leg. Calarco, who chairs the Government Operations Committee, pushed hard for the creation of the SC TVB and how it would be implemented. As a result, the new Bureau will be run exclusively by Suffolk County employees. Because of this, some of the recent county layoffs may be rehired to fill the clerical positions. The goal is for the Bureau to be up and running by next spring.

“Having a SC TVB is a win-win. It is absolutely more convenient for residents and it will prevent ticket revenue collected locally from going to the New York State DMV. Instead that revenue can be used for enforcement and public safety at a local level,” said Leg. Calarco.

“I want to thank Legislator Calarco for delivering on his promise to bring a Traffic Violations Bureau to Suffolk County,” stated Legislator Browning. “Not only will this enable us to keep our tax dollars here in Suffolk County, but it will also create jobs by bringing back former employees that were laid off earlier this year while bringing in much needed revenue.”